Water Audit

On the 24-1-13 Laura from an Taisce came. She did lots of fun things with us. She talked about saving water. She drew a map of the school and marked where we used water in the school. We split into groups. In my group was Orla, Lisa, Ailish, me and Seamus. Each group got two rooms to check. We had to check the office and the teachers toilets. We made questions for intervewing the teachers. We asked the teachers hoe many cups of tea did they drink a day. Mrs Tyrell drank none a day, Mrs Connolly drank five a day Martina two and Mrs Garvin two.

Then we checked if the radiaters and taps leaking. They were not leaking. We checked the teachers toilets next. We checked how many litres the toilets used. They used nine litres. I think it sounds loads but Laura said it was good.

Then we calculated how much we used in the toilets. We calculated them. I can’t remember what we got but she said it was good.

I had lots of fun with Laura. I can’t wait till she comes again.

The End
By Ava

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