February 27

I.C.E. Group Litter Competition

Well done to all the children who took part in the Litter poster competition organised by the I.C.E. group. You all made such a huge effort and no doubt will continue to spread the message about how important it is to look after our environment. Thank you to the I.C.E group for getting the children involved and to Anna for presenting the prizes to the winners. Congratulations to you all!

*missing winner Danny Maloney

May 17

Butterfly Goodbyes

We had great fun watching our little caterpillars transform into beautiful painted lady butterflies. Alas, it was time to say goodbye to Sky, Mary, Little flower, Missy and Frederick. We released them and waved goodbye, as we know they have such an important job to do now. Butterflies play a huge role in pollination, as do bees and wasps. So we need to look after them all, as best we can!
Our little friends will live for approximately 5 more weeks(max), laying their own little eggs elsewhere, for the cycle of life to start all over again.

April 30

Caterpillars – Our fuzzy friends!

It has been really interesting so far, observing the changes that have occurred in our caterpillars, in one week! They started off so tiny and look at them now. They have been feeding so well and alot of waste, called frass, is evident in the jars. They have shed their exoskeleton a few times also! Some of the caterpillars are making attempts to hang in their ‘j’ shape, which means that very soon they will have to be transferred to their butterfly habitat! Exciting! Before transferring, they will form a chrysalis and while in the butterfly habitat, the last stage of metamorphosis will occur over time , resulting in,fingers crossed, our beautiful painted lady butterfly’s emerging soon after! We will keep you posted!

June 27

Na boilb agus an cabáiste

Chuir muid ár gcabáiste agus fataí san Earrach. Féach http://sninbhear.edublogs.org/2017/04/10/ag-cur-glasrai/.



















Anois, tá an cabaiste réidh le n-ithe.

Ach féach, tháinig na boilb ar cuairt agus taitníonn an cabáiste go mór leo.

Tá an-suim ag na daltaí sna boilb agus tá súil acu go dtiocfaidh feileacáin as na boilb go luath.

Níl na múinteoirí ro-chinnte!

May 10

Ag an trá



































Inne chuaigh ár rang sios go dtí an trá chun rang ealaine a bheith againn.


Bhí buicead agus spaid ag gach duine. Bhí hatai agus uacthar gréine ag go leor duine mar bhí an aimsir te.


Rinne gach duine structure déanta as gainimh. Rinne daoine tithe agus linn snamha agus daoine.


Bhí me fein agus Kirsty i mo ghrúpa.


Bhí go leor lochan carraige beaga ag an trá.


Rinne me fein agus Kirsty cailin.
Is maith liom ag dul go dti an trá.

ó Róisín

April 10

Ag cur glasraí (Step 1)

An t-earrach atá anois agus tá an gáirdín réidh chun planadí a chur.

Inné chuaigh na daltaí ó ranganna Naí, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 agus 6 amach agus chuir siad plandaí cabáiste, oiniúin, gairleóg agus fataí. Bhí lián agus lamhaínní ag gach duine.

Chroch muid dhá óstán na bhfeithidí (bug hotel) chomh maith.

Dhóirt Siobhan uisce orthu nuair a bhí na plandaí curtha síos againn.
Tá súil againn go mbeidh an aimsir go breá ionas go bhfásfaidh ár plandaí.

Bhí na naíonáin ag seiceáil an raibh na plandaí ag fás ag am lón, ach tuigeann na daltaí ó na ranganna eile go mbeidh orainn foighid a bheith againn go fóill.

November 16

Leave no Trace (Step 1)

Today we learned about the ‘Leave No Trace’ programme at http://www.leavenotraceschools.org/  and how litter ruins the environment. We were working with a woman named Kirsten. We went into groups and made different animal shapes.

Then we went outside for a walk. We learned how long objects last before they biodegrade. A glass bottle will last forever and an apple core takes two months to biodegrade. I had a plastic cup and had to guess how long it would take to break down. Kirsten said that the cup would last for 250 years. It was really fun.

I enjoyed my time and I hope I could do it again. She gave us a pencil and a certificate. It was really fun.




From Jack’s Blog




June 5

Green Flag Awards Ceremony

we recently travelled to Claremorris to collect our FOURTH Green Flag for the theme of Travel. Siobhán, Róisín and Pádraig who are members of our Green team received the flag and the certificate on the day and represented the school so well! We are very proud of all the children and parents who have helped us achieve this special award and we look forward to raising the Green Flag on June 24th @ 1pm.




February 16

Lighthouses S3

On Friday I went to Grace’s (my cousin) for a sleep over but we had to make a light house.

Mom got us lots of sweets for the evening so we used them to make it. We used two Pringle boxes for the light house. The teacher gave us the light bulb and the battery. We got paper to put around the light house and then painted it.

We got a carboard box for the base and we painted that. We got blue stuff for the water and for top of the lighthouse we got a sweet jar.

On Wednesday we brought it in to school and everyone else had their lighthouses in too!

By Liam

My lighthouse.

For my lighthouse I got a bottle then I put some paper on the bottle and painted the paper red and yellow .
Then I put the bottle on a sweet box then I put paper rocks on the box.
Then I put a paper door on the lighthouse .

After that I put the light on the lighthouse .
My mammy helped me with my lighthouse .

The end

















Yesterday I made my lighthouse.

I used a Club Orange 2-litre bottle, two A4 pieces of  white paper with a small piece cut off, black tape, red paint, a permanent black marker, Sellotape and electricity stuff from school. I used a battery ,a light bulb and a holder, 3 crocodile clips and a switch

First I cut a bit off the two sheets of paper and taped them onto the bottle and but the battery and the light inside. After I put two strips of black tape onto the paper, then I drew some windows and a door on and coloured the cap black. I put tape around the cap and put five strips of tape from the top to where the tape was to connect them together. I then cut two holes under the bottle so the cable could reach the light.

To finish it off, I painted a small bit red and tried it out. It worked


By Kian















See our Green Screen movie about our lighthouses (by Rosaleen, Shauna and Kian).