February 28

Class Survey

One of the first jobs we have to do is to do a survey of our class on our school and our area. Thank you to Ezra and Megan, our TY students for helping.
When we read the surveys from the other schools in our circle, we were surprised to find that the students there liked many of the same books, foods, bands and video games that we liked. Most schools were twenty times as big as ours though.
This is the survey from Inver National School:
The Classroom Survey –

Results from Inver National School in Ireland

A. Name of teacher: Mairin Glenn

B. Grade level: 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. (Ours is a rural two-teacher, state school, so in our classroom we have one half of the school and the younger children are in the other classroom. The students in our classroom are aged 8 to 12)

C. Class favorites (List your class top 5 favorites in each category):

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Captain Underpants


War Horse

Totally Lucy

Music groups:

One Direction

Foster The People



J.K. Rowling

Roald Dahl

Cathy Cassidy

Jeff Kenny

Michael Morpurgo

TV programs:
The Simpsons

Wizards of Waverly Place

Mrs. Brown’s Boys

Top Gear






Chicken Curry

School subjects:





Gaelic Football (which is a like a cross between Rugby and Soccer)




Video games:
Super Mario Bros


Fifa 12

Mario and Sonic Olympic Games

Just Dance 3

A. School information

Name and address of class and school:
3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class, Inver National School, Barnatra, Ballina, Co. Mayo, Ireland

Number of students in class and school:
19 students in our classroom, 30 students in the whole school.

Size of school:
We have three rooms: two classrooms and one spare room.

30 students in total.

School emblem, colors or mascot:
Red and black are our school colours.

Type and number of computers:
Apple, HP and Dell desktops. We mainly have laptops: 20 in total and some Fizzbooks. We have Nintendo DSs also.

School history:
The school was built in 1885 so it is very old, but we are very proud of it.

B. School program

List 3 things about your school program that make it unique:
We have been awarded a Green flag to show that we work towards keeping our environment clean and safe.

We’re introduced to new and interesting musical instruments to play

We act out plays for the public during special occasions (Christmas).

We have an Active Schools flag in recognition of our achievements in keeping fit and active.

We use technology to help our learning. We use Nintendo DS Lites to help our Maths and problem solving skills and we use our blog to share what we are doing with the world at www.inver.org

List school calendar from the session dates (holidays and special
events that may affect your participation):

Easter Holidays 2 April until 16 April.

St. Patricks Day 17 March (Our national holiday, so we are closed for 16 and 19 March)

Summer Holidays: June 27

A. Your community

Name of your community:
Inver- which is a rural area on the west coast of Ireland.

If not a city, name and size of nearest city:
Galway city: about 100 miles away. Our nearest town is Belmullet which has lots of shops and a population of about 2000.

Location of your community:
North west coast of Ireland, which is on the west coast of Europe.

The area of your community:
On the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. If we swam very well we might be able to reach New Jersey or New Brunswick :o)

5. The population of your community:

About 200 people.

B. Special characteristics

List 3 reasons why people come to visit your area:
Ours is a very scenic and beautiful area.

The people are very friendly

It is a very calm and relaxing place to be

Describe any unusual land formation found in or near your community:
Blowhole: At Dún Briste, there is a great example of a blowhole and a sea stack.

Holy wells: Our local saint, St Deirbhle, is commemorated at a holy well where the water is said to cure people who have eye ailments.

Ruins of landslide: We had a huge landslide in 2003 and it has taken away half of our local hillside

C. Industries

List major industries or occupations in your community:

Most people are part-time farmers and/or fishermen.

There is a small hospital in Belmullet and it employs a number of people, as does the local hotel, The Broadhaven Bay Hotel.

SELC (Smart Efficient Light Control): This company produces lights and light fittings to a very high standard.

Corrib Gas: This plant is owned mainly by Shell and is not yet in production.

It is Spring here but the weather is quite windy and wet. We get lots of storms blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean. Our average temperatures have been about 11 – 13 C.

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