December 16

Football at break time.

Ms Brady asked Padraig and me to start a football competion. Then we asked all the kids in the if they wanted to join. Some said ‘No’ some said ‘Yes’. We wrote down the names of the children that wanted to play. Then Ms Connolly cut out the names and put them in a hat. Team A is Padraig C (the captain),Eoin, Niall, Orla and Seán. Team B is Nathan G (the captain), Lorcan, Sheamus,  Kian and Ava. Team C is Hayleigh (the captain),Caolan, Padraig T,Leanne and Erin.Team D is Matthew, me,  (the captain),Seán, Lisa,  Ailish and Liam. Cristina and Alanna are the referees.We love playing football and we hate when we have to stay in

                                 By Matthew

December 10

Nintendo D.S

photographerEvery day for ten minutes we use our Nintendo D.S’s  to help us with our maths. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we do ‘Brain Age’. We use ‘Brain Age’  to see if we we’re improving. In ‘Brain Training’ the lower your brain age or your score  is the better and the higher your brain age is the worse. My brain age is 46 years. I love using my Nintendo D.S. My favoutite game is ‘Touch the highest number’ and my second favourite is ‘Enter the symbols’. Today day a man called Keith Heneghan is coming  to take a picture of us on our Nintendo D.S’s for the Irish Independent.  Our picture will be on the Irish Independent on Saturday or Monday.

By Padraig 5th

December 9

Christmas Play 2010

On the 20th of December, we are doing our Christmas Play. It’s called “Hosanna Rock” and will take place in the church. There is a lot of singing in it. I’m Mary and Nathan  is Joseph. Alanna, Matthew and Padraic are narrators, Leah is Gabriel and an innkeeper, Sean is a  shepherd and an innkeeper and Padraig is a shepherd and an innkeeper. Nathan’s favourite songs are “Silent night” and “Hosanna Rock” and Hayleigh’s are “How can this be” and “What do you see”. Nathan is singing the first verse of “Silent Night” on his own. We have been practicing everyday. We are all very excited about the special night and we hope everyone enjoys the night!!


December 8

Snow 28th of November

snowsmallOn Sunday 28th of November it was very white outside because it was snowing. When everyone woke up they went outside and made a snowman.

Most children  had snowball fights. On Monday and Tuesday we had no school because it was snowing everyone was so glad. On Wednesday and Thursday we had school and on Friday all the snow was gone.Today 8th December there was loads of ice on the roads and the yard was very slippy.

Most people fell on the ice and some people went off the road with their cars. Today we were going to Mass but the paths were to slippery so we didn’t go.

Some of the chidren didn’t go to school because of the ice.

On Thursday their was only 3 kids in from 5th and 6th Hayleigh, Padraic and Nathan were in.

By Alanna and Padraic

November 22

Anti-Bullying Week

                                                    Anti-Bullying Week


On the 11th of October it was Anti-Bullying Week in Erris.

All the schools, sport groups and Youth groups in Erris were doing Anti-Bullying Week. It was to help people to deal with bullying and not to bully others. On the 14th of October there was a football match and all schools in Erris went to play football. Children from each school were mixed with children from other schools. We also did raps, poems and chants. 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th wrote poems and raps. We brought the raps and poem to the football match to perfomed theirs.

On Friday it was Blue Day. We had to wear blue and we got blue wrist bands. After big break we watched a movie called Daddy Day Camp it was really good. All the schools in Erris are against bullying.


                        By Alanna.

November 21

Ballinglen Art Center

Ballycastle 004 small 

On 3rd of November my class went to Ballinglen Arts Centre in Ballycastle.

 When we got there the women in charge brought us in to the printing room do print making and etching. I really enjoyed the etching .


After we were done we went outside. There was a big tree there… it was so tempting, but we weren’t allowed to climb it.


When we came in we went to an art studio. The artist’s name was Kim. I liked his paintings. After that we had a look around the building.


Than we went on the bus to go to Ceide Fields. We had a good day.

By Padraic 6th

November 17


Ballycastle smallOur school went to the Ballinglen Arts center in Ballycastle yesterday. On the way to Ballycastle we watched a movie called ‘Mall Cop’. It took 40 minutes to get to the Arts centre.

When we got there we had to take out a photo that we had brought and go down to the printing room.

When we went into the printing, we did not know what we where going to. They gave us etching pens to etch around our photo. When etched  around our photo, we put ink around our photos, and then we took off some black ink. We got a wet page and put our prints through a printing press.

When some of us were finished we had a run outside. We saw a pond and a tree. We came in and had lunch. After lunch we went up stairs and went into a artists studio and looked at his work. His name was Kim.

I really liked his art.

I would love to go again. I will recommend Ballinglen Arts centre to people next year because it is closed for the year.



                    By Padraig 5th

November 17

Ballinglen Arts Centre

Ballinglen Arts.


On Wednesday, the 3rd of November, 5th and 6th class went to the arts centre in Ballycastle. It was called Ballinglen Arts. We had a great day!


We left the school at 9:20am. It took us about 40 minutes to get there. It didn’t seem that long though because the bus driver put a DVD on for us. It was called Mall Cop.


When we got there we did some printing with the photos we’d brought with us. First we etched them, then painted over them with very thick, blue and black ink. We cleaned the photos then put printed them onto special paper by putting them through a big machine. The first one I did didn’t come out as I had wanted it to so a woman called Catherine helped me do another one with the same picture. The second one came out much better!


After the printing we had our lunch. Then we played outside in a little garden at the back of the centre. We played catch and had great fun but the grass was very wet and slippy.


We then went to see a man called Kim who was working in his studio. He showed us his paintings and how he mixed the paints together. His painting were very good. It was very interesting!!


Finally it was time to go home. We had a great day and had lovely art to take home with us. I would love to go there again soon!



October 11

11 October 2010

Dragon fly smalflags smallHayleigh  and Alanna went outside to take a picture of the flags. There was no wind at all so it is very still today.

On Thursday the four people that got through to the cross-country area finals went to Ballina for the next stage of the competition. They were Leanne, Hayleigh, Padraig and Lorcan. On Friday we did a cooperative game. There were two teams. We had to make the highest structure.

Today is Monday. Is it Anti-Bullying week.  On Thursday there will be a Gaelic blitz. Today we did PE. We practised our basket-ball skills. At breaktime we played football. Alanna was the ref because she couldn’t play. When we were playing football we all saw a Dragon Fly.It is a lovely day the sun is shining. Today there was a wasp in the our classroom. Everybody screamed.

By Alanna and Hayleigh

September 28

Cross Country Running

cross country small 1cross country smallCross Country running


The class of 3rd , 4th, 5th and 6th went to a cross country running in Fál Mór.

 We all got on the bus I sat beside Matthew. We where very worried about the race we were talking about lots of things to take out minds off our worries.

 The first race was for 3rd and 4th boys. Padraig came 6th, Lorcán came 8th and they qualified for the next round.

The second race was 3rd and 4th girls. Leanne came in 7th place and she qualified. Erin tripped and hurt her ankle.

The third race was 5th and 6th girls. Hayleigh qualified here.

The last race was the 5th and 6th boys. There were 60 people in 5th and 6th boys race.

After that race everyone went behind the buses to get out of the wind for the presentation. After the presentation everyone went back to school. We did not get a lot of homework. I was very tired when I went home. Then I went to bed after having something to eat.

By Padriaig 5th

September 27

A week at school

On Monday, we did PE  at 11 30 till 12. There were very few children in. We practised for the cross-crountry running that was on Tuesday and also played some games. We had alot of fun. We went home at 3 o clock.

On Tuesday we went to cross-crountry running. The bus came for us at 10:30. When we got there we sat down till the races began. The race was very hard. Four of us got through to the cross- crountryfinal in Ballina.

On Wednesday we did loads….. of WORK!! At breaktime we played soccer with 3rd and 4th class. Leah was not in on Wednesday.

We have been looking at our flags to see which dirction the wind has been blowing.

Hayleigh and Padraig

September 18

What is this blog about?

When we celebrated our 125th year in existence as a school, we wanted to learn about life and times 125 years ago. We found that it was quite difficult to get information about that time.

Now, we are beginning this blog to show everyone what life and times are like now, here in Inver, beginning in 2010. In 125 years time, when visitors want to see what life was like here, they need only click on our blog. We also welcome more current visitors too!