November 10

The scoccer blitz in St. Brendan’s

At 10:30 on 7th of November 5th and 6th went to the sports hall in St. Brendan’s College, Belmullet for a soccer blitz. We had about 6 or 7 games each. It was great fun. We got to meet with lots of other people in 5th and 6th class. The teams were mixed between the schools and we had a great time. The people in 3rd and 4th waited here and did loads of work while we went.

October 27

Anti-Bullying Week


Recently, Inver National School and other schools in the Erris area took part in Anti-Bullying week. We learnt all about what to do if we were bullied or if we saw others being bullied. Iorras Le cheile hope that everyone in Erris will have the same rules for dealing with bullying. We went to the football pitch to say the chant we made up and to play a match.We were all put into different teams with other schools.We had a lot of fun but still glad to be home.

October 24

Man Utd vs Man City

The Manchester Derby was on yesterday. It started at 1 0’clock. Man City’

s Mario Ballotelli scored first to make 1-0. After half time Johnny Evan’s for Man Utd got a red card. Ballotelli scored again to make 2-0. Agruo scored to make it 3-0 and then Fletcher scored for Man Utd to then make it 3-1. Then 20 mins later Edin Dzeko scored to make it 4-1 and then David Silva scored to make it 5-1. At 93 mins Dzeko scored again to make it 6-1. Man City won the Manchester derby. We are happy they won!

By Seamus and Matthew

September 28

Ar ais ar scoil….back to school

Back to school.

We are all back at school again. Some of us are in a new classroom. We have two new students in our school now. Their names are Eve and Hannah. We use the DSs now. I had a fun summer holidays. We went to England and stayed with my cousins. There were nine kids and four adults. When we were on our way back we missed our plane. I was worried. We waited another few hours. And then we took the boat!
By Ailish
Back to school

We’re all back to school again. Some of us are in a new classroom, and others not. And some of us have a new teacher, and others not. There are two new students in the school and their names are Eve and Hannah. We use the DS’s and we share our teacher’s iPad. Today me and some other children went on a nature walk and collected some stuff. Over the summer me, my Mom and my sister, went to Dublin. We went to the Zoo and we saw all the cool animals. Then later we went to see a Glee concert.

By Amy


On the 31stof August we came back to school. During the summer holidays Ms. Reilly got married. On the 15thof August I went to the Fair Day. It was a very bad day and on the 19th I also went to the Heritage Day in Belmullet. It was a very sunny day. I met Padraig, Seán and Eoin there. Summer was so boring but I had good fun. 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th are in the top classroom. Two new pupils started school here and their names are Hannah and Eve.
By Matthew

We were back to school around 3 or 4 weeks now. There are only two classrooms with teachers in them.  3rd,4th,5th and 6th are in the top classroom. I am in that classroom. There are two new people starting and four left to go to secondry school. I went to Spain during the summer and had my birthday there.  I made new friends in Spain and they were from different counties. My family my cousins family and my grandparents went on the holiday with us too. My Grandparents only went for 10 days and the rest of us went for 2 weeks. For my birthday my mum cooked some delicious food and after we had ice-cream and my birthday cake. I made friends from Offaly. The girls are called Ellie and Hannah. Hannah is going into 3rd class and Ellie is going into 4th. The first day I came to school here I did not know what room to go into!
By Alison

September 21

Back to school.

We’re back to school since the 31 of August. We are in a new room there are 19 children in the whole classroom. Most of the children have a new teacher and are doing a lot of new things. There are seven people in Leanne’s class: three girls and four boys. There are four people in Padraig’s class: three boys and one girl. We haven’t got a lot of homework since we started back at school. We are all having great fun in our new class.

By Padraig 6th and Leanne 5th

June 23

Leaving Inver National School

This year after the Summer Holidays, we are going to secondary school. Alanna and Nathan are going to the Our Lady’s  and Hayleigh and Padraic are going to St Brendan’s. We are very excited but sad to leave Inver NS. We will miss the teachers and the pupils of this school. We think they’ll miss us too !! Also we will miss the lunches, like pizza and wraps. 🙁

We are getting our Summer Holidays on the 28th of June. We hope everyone reading our blog has a great summer and the pupils in Fifth Class wilL continue it in September.

We will miss our teacher Mrs Connolly and all the other teachers.

Alanna and Hayleigh

June 15

Green products.

Green products.

Yesterday we made some environmentally friendly cleaning and beauty products. Green products are made from natural products and will not pollute the water or the air. Padraig and I made an air freshener using one cup of water and 4 drops of lavender oil. It smelt nice. Hayleigh, Alanna and Padraic made hand cream to make your hands soft everyone in the class tried it. Sean and Leah made a window cleaner and washed the staffroom window for the school. We had great fun making these and hopefully we willmake more.



By Matthew D.scrub

June 15

Spaghetti Bolognaise


spagI am going to talk to you about how to make spaghetti bolognaise because we made it at school last week. First you cut the onion and garlic. Heat a little oil in a saucepan and add the onion and garlic. Then you add the meat, stir it until it goes brown then put in tomatoes and tomato puree, give it a stir. Cook for about 40 minutes. Put the pasta in another saucepan and cook for 10 minutes. When that’s done you can leave it to cool for a while. Then you eat your very own spaghetti bolognaise. ENJOY! YUMmmmmmmm.

By Sean


June 15

Lemon Battery

Two weeks ago we put a zinc washer and a copper coin into 3 lemons. We joined them up: zinc to copper. We attached a LED bulb connecting the long leg of the LED with copper. The bulb did not light up. When we tried again and again. Eventually it worked and the light lit.
The zinc washer and the copper coin are electrodes. The juice is called electrolyte.
By Padraig C (Rang 5)

June 10

Kinect + Scratch


Link to short videoVideo showing how we connected Scratch with Kinect

We started working on our Scratch programming after Christmas and then this new game  came out it was called The Kinect and you could use it for the Xbox 360.

Our teacher Mrs Connolly went to a conference and she found out about connecting  Kinect with Scratch.

When the teacher came to school the next day she told us about using Kinect on Scratch.

A few days after Mrs Connolly got the Kinect for Scratch.

 Then, when she fekt we were ready to try it for ourselves, the teacher tried it at home till 1 o clock in the night and she couldn’t get it to work. So she emailed Steven Howell. He was the one who set up the program. Steven emailed her back in 10 minutes.

The next morning she tried it again at school on her own laptop and it still didn’t work. Then she tried a different laptop ( it was my laptop from the school ) and it worked! It was break time so we went outside. We came in and tried it again and it worked again. We tried it later in the day and we had great fun with it that day .

To see how we did it, you need to visit who shows how to do it.

By Alanna. x Continue reading

May 30

Coláiste Sports Day

Coláiste Sports Day

On Friday 27th of May we went to the Coláiste for a sports day. We left school at 9:30 but unfortunately by 12:30 we had to finish up because of torrential rain. There were races, welly throwing competition, sack race and relay race. We got crisps and bars before returning to school happy but wet. It was good but of the Coláiste to have a sports day for us.

By Padraic Conway 6th

May 18

Soccer Blitz

Soccer Blitz.

On Wednesday, May 17th, 4th 5th and 6th classes went to Carne for a soccer blitz. We left the school at 10 o’clock.

We got to Carne at about 10:25. The teacher found out what pitch we were playing in. We were in pitch 4. The first team we had to play was Barnatra. There was only 1 boy on their team and the rest were girls. They were very good

I played in backs. We won the match 6-1. We were very happy but we had to play Pullathomas next and they were an excellent team.

We lost the match against Pullathomas. We were very disappointed. We played against Barnatra again and won. Then we had to play Pullathomas again and we lost.

We got to the semi- final and played against Eachleim but lost.

On the way back to the school we stopped in the shop and got some sweets. We had a great day at the soccer blitz.


May 9

Back to school.

The hoildays are over we are back at school. We had good weather. We had brilliant two weeks off school. Alanna went to a wedding the same day as Prince William’s wedding the 29th of April. Padraig went body baording. Bin Laden got shot. He was the most wanted man in the world. He was buried at sea. There were fires in the North West. We ate a lot of Easter eggs. Padraig got 11 Easter eggs and Alanna got 8 Easter eggs.

Alanna and Padraig 5