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Kaydean and Shannon's interview with Maggie Doherty


Taped interview with Maggie Doherty

Taped interview with Maggie Doherty

This is Maggie Doherty
This is Maggie Doherty

On the 16th of January Shannon and Kaydean interviewed Maggie Doherty about when she went to school in Inver. She lives in Gorthmelia strand. She is 84 years old. She started school when she was 7 years old and left school when she was 13 and a half years old. She missed 1 year out with a leg injury. There was three teachers and three classrooms. School opened at 9 o clock in the morning and closed at 4 o clock in the day. There were no uniforms. She wore flannels. The lunch was supplied. She had to walk through fields and ditches for over a mile to get to school. She had no enemy’s. She was friendly with everyone in the school. There was no football matches disco or school trips. There were 140 to 150 children in the school. She learned math English, Irish, Religion, Dancing and History. Her favourite subject was history. By Shannon and Kaydean

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