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Hayleigh's granny


My interview with Nanny.

What school did you go to?                                                                                                                                                                                                             Inver N.S.

How did you get to school?                                                                                                                                                                                                             Walked across the fields with a sod of turf.

What did you wear?                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

No uniform. A pair of welling tons in the winter.

What subjects did you learn?

English, Irish, History, Religion and Maths.

What was your favourite subject?


What subject did you not like?


Who was your teacher?

Mrs Caulfield.

How many teachers were in the school?

Three:  Master Brennan, Master McGarry and Miss Caulfield.

 Who was your favourite?

Miss Caulfield.

 How many were in your class?

 How many were in your school?

Around 50.

How many breaks did you have?

How long was it?Half an hour.Who was your best friend?

Bridge McAndrew.

What did you play at break?


What did you eat?

Coco and bread

Were there any discos?


What  time did  the school day start?

9 o clock.

How were the children that misbehaved punished?

Slapped with a cane.

How were they rewarded?

No rewards.

Did you bring your own lunch?


If you could would you go back to school?


What time did the school day end?

3 o clock.





On the 3rd February 2010, I interviewed my Nanny. I found out lots of interesting things about school

In the past, the children that were good weren’t rewarded like we are now and they didn’t  learn as many subjects as we learn now. Now we have cars to get to school in but my nanny didn’t and had to walk.

My nanny also told me that each child had to bring two sods of turf every day for the open fires in each classroom. They also had to help save the head masters turf. My nanny is 82 years old. I enjoyed Interviewing my nanny and I found out lots  of interesting things.

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