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Tony interviews Sheila Maloney



Q. What school did you go to?

A. She went to Pullathomas NS

Q. Do you remember what year you started and what age you were?

A. She went to school in 1972 and her age was 4 years old



Q. Did you get any sort of transport to school?

A. She went by bus sometimes but most times the bus would break down


Q. Did you have to bring a sod of turf to school?

A. No she didn’t the school had central heating


Q. Do you remember any teachers in the school?

A. Yes she does: Mrs. Coyle, Master Coyle, Master Burke and Ms. McDonnell


Q. What did you get for lunch?

A. She got bread and cocoa for lunch


Q. How many children were in your school?

A. She cant remember but the classes were big in numbers.


Q. Did ye get much homework?

A. They did sometimes and they wouldn’t have time to finish it because of all the chores around there house


Q. What was the classroom like?

A. They didn’t have any tables or chairs instead they had desks


Q. Who was your best friend?

A. Her best friend was Bernie Mc Donnell


Q. Did you ever get in trouble at school?

A. She did sometimes


Q. Do you think kids today have a better time going to school?

A. Yes most kids even love going to school today


Q. Did you like school?

A. Mmhh kind of…..



On the 2nd of February I interviewed my mum about life at school back in those days. She went to Pullathomas National School and she didn’t have to bring a sod of turf to school because they had central heating. They had a bus but most of the time of the time it broke down so they had to walk. She started in 1972 and was age 4 years. The lunches were provided free of charge and they got was bread and cocoa. They got a lot of homework and most of the time they wouldn’t be able to finish it because of all the jobs to do around the house. She got in trouble sometimes and the teachers were very stict. I leaned a lot about the history of schools back long ago, it was very interesting.

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“Tony interviews Sheila Maloney”

  1. March 5th, 2010 at 11:54 pm       PULLOTHOMAS PUPIL Says:

    hi tony
    just read your interview ,good 1
    my nan and my mom went tp Pullathomas school and now i go , my nan had to bring turf to school,but they had to walk to school.

  2. March 9th, 2010 at 4:55 pm       tony Says:

    hi my mum also went to Pullathomas as well so my mum might have gone to school with ur mum…
    what is your mums name..
    what is your name …
    (MUINTEOIR says it’s not a good idea to give out your personal details on the Internet. If you like, you can say your first name or your initials and Tony might guess who you are).

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