April 3

School in the past

125 years ago


On Wednesday the 17th of February, exactly 125 years since our school John Caulfield was the first principal of our schoolopened,  a man called Peadar Caulfield came to our school to talk about times gone by and school in the past. He said that he was a relative to the first principal of Inver school, John Caulfield. John would have been Peadar’s great uncle. Here is a photograph of John Caulfield with his sister:



Peadar said that in his day, they would have to bring two sods of turf to school or else they would get a slap on the hand with a cane. Some of the turf from a few days back was left in a shed, so if the children could not find turf on their way home the next day they would come in early to rob some turf from the shed so they would not get slapped.

John Caulfields mother and grandchild (look at the chair)

He also showed us a picture of John Caulfield’s mother (Peadar’s great grand aunt) and her grandson sitting on her chair. John Caulfield’s mother also survived through the Famine (1847-1849),so that would mean John’s mother survived for two years with very little or no food. This all happened a long time ago but Peadar still has her chair. There is a house down Peadar’s road where John Caulfield was born.

John Caulfield's house which is now known as The Lighthouse Tavern

John Caulfield's house which is now known as The Lighthouse Tavern

The pub now known as ‘Dooceys’ was once a house that John Caulfield built in the early 1990’s. He also lived there lived there with his wife and family.

In the 1950’s the house was made bigger and the extension was made into a pub.







Peadar said to Hayleigh that Brian Rua, an old prophet who came from her village could be her relation.

Hopefully Peadar will come back with the chair talk some more.

By Joe

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