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Cross Country Running


cross country small 1cross country smallCross Country running


The class of 3rd , 4th, 5th and 6th went to a cross country running in Fál Mór.

 We all got on the bus I sat beside Matthew. We where very worried about the race we were talking about lots of things to take out minds off our worries.

 The first race was for 3rd and 4th boys. Padraig came 6th, Lorcán came 8th and they qualified for the next round.

The second race was 3rd and 4th girls. Leanne came in 7th place and she qualified. Erin tripped and hurt her ankle.

The third race was 5th and 6th girls. Hayleigh qualified here.

The last race was the 5th and 6th boys. There were 60 people in 5th and 6th boys race.

After that race everyone went behind the buses to get out of the wind for the presentation. After the presentation everyone went back to school. We did not get a lot of homework. I was very tired when I went home. Then I went to bed after having something to eat.

By Padriaig 5th

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