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Ballycastle smallOur school went to the Ballinglen Arts center in Ballycastle yesterday. On the way to Ballycastle we watched a movie called ‘Mall Cop’. It took 40 minutes to get to the Arts centre.

When we got there we had to take out a photo that we had brought and go down to the printing room.

When we went into the printing, we did not know what we where going to. They gave us etching pens to etch around our photo. When etched  around our photo, we put ink around our photos, and then we took off some black ink. We got a wet page and put our prints through a printing press.

When some of us were finished we had a run outside. We saw a pond and a tree. We came in and had lunch. After lunch we went up stairs and went into a artists studio and looked at his work. His name was Kim.

I really liked his art.

I would love to go again. I will recommend Ballinglen Arts centre to people next year because it is closed for the year.



                    By Padraig 5th

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