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Snow 28th of November


snowsmallOn Sunday 28th of November it was very white outside because it was snowing. When everyone woke up they went outside and made a snowman.

Most children  had snowball fights. On Monday and Tuesday we had no school because it was snowing everyone was so glad. On Wednesday and Thursday we had school and on Friday all the snow was gone.Today 8th December there was loads of ice on the roads and the yard was very slippy.

Most people fell on the ice and some people went off the road with their cars. Today we were going to Mass but the paths were to slippery so we didn’t go.

Some of the chidren didn’t go to school because of the ice.

On Thursday their was only 3 kids in from 5th and 6th Hayleigh, Padraic and Nathan were in.

By Alanna and Padraic

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