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Football at break time.


Ms Brady asked Padraig and me to start a football competion. Then we asked all the kids in the if they wanted to join. Some said ‘No’ some said ‘Yes’. We wrote down the names of the children that wanted to play. Then Ms Connolly cut out the names and put them in a hat. Team A is Padraig C (the captain),Eoin, Niall, Orla and Seán. Team B is Nathan G (the captain), Lorcan, Sheamus,  Kian and Ava. Team C is Hayleigh (the captain),Caolan, Padraig T,Leanne and Erin.Team D is Matthew, me,  (the captain),Seán, Lisa,  Ailish and Liam. Cristina and Alanna are the referees.We love playing football and we hate when we have to stay in

                                 By Matthew

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