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Gaelic football- Cumann na mBunscol 2011


This year our school started training for Gaelic football for both girls and boys. We already had a blitz in Belmullet. We played two games. But we lost both games because it was raining and strong wind so it was very hard to play. Our next game is against Bangor. Bangor is a very good team in football because there is a lot of good footballers and have a bigger number of pupils than our school. It is on Tuesday 29 of March in Bangor. There are two different games: one for the girls and one for the boys. The number of players on the girls team is six and the number for the boys team is seven. The colour of our jersey is black and red for the out fielders and the  goalie wears black. The goalie for the boys’ team is Nathan and the goalie for the girls’ team is Leah . We have to travel to our games because we have no pitch of our own. I love playing football and I hope we win all our matches.

By Padraig C. (Rang a Cúig)

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