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Wind Farm


Today all the school went to the wind farm
in Ballacorick. When we got there, Tony and Michael were waiting for us to show
us around the windmills. I thought that the windmills were tiny when I was very
far away away from them. Then when I got there they were massive. The men said
that they are thirty metres high. They said if they get planning permission
they’ll build the new turbines behind the mountain and they’ll be ninty meters
high. I never knew that you could go into them but you could. One of the men
should us all of the controls inside one of the windmills. After we went into
them we went with the other man and he brought us into a small, little building and that’s where he should us how to see if everywhere is on and working. You can see what way the wind is going and what speed there going at. After that the teacher took pictures with us beside the windmill. Then we went back to school to do work

By Eoin

The computer room at the wind farmWind Farm

Today the 22nd Inver National School went to a
wind farm in Bellacorick. When we got there we met two men. Their names were
Tony and Michael and they gave us some information about the windmills. Then
when they finished talking, they asked did we have any question, a few people
had some questions. Then 8 people went into a windmill and it was cool. Tony
told us about inside the windmill and showed us how to put the brake on and
off. Then the teacher took a picture of us. Then we went into the man’s office
and he showed us the computer that could show you everything. One windmill was
broken. There were 21 wind turbines altogether. Then it was time to go so we
all got on the bus and  we drove all
around to see all 21 windmills. When we got to the last windmill we turned and
stopped and had some lunch. Then we had to go past all 21 windmills then we
went back to school and went to work    .

I LOVE MY SCHOOL because we have lots of fun!

By Ava            (Rang a Trí)




Looking upToday 22ndwe went to the Wind Farm. We left the school at about half past ten. It took about 40 minutes to get there. When we got there, there were two men called
Tony and Michael and they were very nice. Then Michael asked if anyone had  a question. Kian asked how many wind mills were there. He said there were 21.  Then
we got into groups and one group went at a time. When my group went into the wind mill, we thought we were going all the way to the top, but we weren’t! We didn’t see all the cables and there were lots and lots of them. After that we went into the control room. Tony told us how to turn the wind turbines off without going into them. Then we went down the road too number 21. Then we had our lunch on the bus. Then we were on our way home. When we were back at the school it was about 1 o clock. We went outside for a few minutes. AND THAT WAS OUR GREAT AND INTRESTING DAY!!!

By Ailish


Today the whole school was very excited because we were going to the first wind farm
in Ireland. We all left school at 10:00. We got on the bus and all of 5th and 6th sat at the back. We had good crack on the way.

When we got there we were amazed at how big the wind turbines were. When we were at our destination there were two men called Michael and Tony outside waiting for
us. When we got out, one of the two men, Michael, talked to us about the wind turbines and how they work. When he was finished talking we were split into groups and ours went into a room with a computer in it. The computer told the men if there
was something wrong with the turbines or what speed they were going.

Then when we came out we went into the inside of a wind turbine. It was very cool to be inside a wind turbine. When everyone had a turn going in the windmill the man said that Leanne could turn off the brake. When Leanne went in she was very excited and so were we. When she turned it on everyone was very happy and everyone stood under the windmill and the teachers took a picture. When the teachers had taken a load of pictures we went back on the bus and went back to school. I enjoyed my day and I wish we could go again.

BY Padraig Rang a Sé

Wind Farm

Today we went to a wind farm we left the
school around quarter past 10. I was sitting on the bus with Orla. Finally when
we got there we all got

out of the bus, two men, Michael and
Tony came out of their office and told us about windmills. Everyone was looking
up at the windmills going round and round and it was really cool.

After awhile when the two men where finished
talking, one man took 7 seven people at a time to go in a windmill and the
other man took seven people at a time into an office.

First I went into a windmill with
Ailish,Orla,Grace,Shauna and a few more people it was really cool inside and it
was really high. After that we went into a office the man showed us things about
windmills on the computer.

When it was time to go we went up to a
lake and had our lunch. When we were finished our lunch we went back to the
school. I really enjoyed being at the wind farm and I hope we go again next


Today Inver National School went on a trip to a wind farm in Bellacorick.  We had a lot of fun. When we arrived, we got out of the bus and met two men who were going to show us around. Their names were Michael and Tony. First we stood around and watched the wind turbines and talked about them .The one we saw was 30 metres high but they are making one that will be 90 metres high. Then we were split into groups. My group went into a control room first and then we went into a wind turbine. It was cool. When we looked up it was huge. I felt like I was falling down. Then we drove around to look at a lake we saw the lake then we drove some more and sat in the bus and ate lunch then went home.

By Erin


Today, 22nd of November our school went to a wind farm in Bellacorrick. We went on a huge bus.
When we arrived at the wind farm we saw about twenty one windmills. We were put
into groups of seven. One group went into a windmill. We had to take turns.
When my group went into a windmill Tiny showed us the wires to it. When we came
out of the windmill he showed us the computer room. He told us that if there
was something wrong with a windmill a signal would go to this computer. Before
we left we went over to a lake and had our lunch in the bus. On the way the
lake we past lots of windmills. We went back to school after that.

By Amy
On Tuesday 22/11/11 we went to the wind farm. A wind farm is a
place where there are a lot of windmills. Our bus driver Sean  brought us there. Everyone was really
excited  as we approached the farm.The
wind farm was in Bellacorrick. When we got there there were two men there
called Tony and Michael. They told us about when the windmills were made. They
were made in 1992. There were 21 windmills there altogether . Windmills are
also called wind turbines . The windmills are 30 meters high. They will be
building new windmills and they will be 90meters high. Tony brought 7 people in
to see the inside of the wind turbines at once. We were the last group to go
into the wind turbine. When we were ready to go out of the wind turbine  Tony asked who wanted to turn off the brakes.
Erin and I put our hands up but Tony picked me. He told me to press start it
went slow at first but it went really fast at the end. It was a really good day
and I would like to go back again.

By Leanne

The wind farm

On the 22nd of November all of Inver school went to the wind farm in Bellacorick. When we got there, two men called Tony and Michael told about it. We split into groups and one went in the windmill and the other group saw how to control them. Then we watched the windmills. When that was done another group went in the windmills and we went into the control room. Then we went in the windmill and it was very high. Then Leanne turned of the brakes. When we all watched it start and if you looked up at it, it looked like it was falling very slowly…but it wasn’t! Then we ate our lunch on the bus and went home.

By Alison

The wind farm

Today we went on a trip to a wind farm. When  we got there we got into four groups of 7. My brother’s group went first, then my group went in to the computer room. It was good in the computer room.
Then went in the wind turbines. There is a button to turn on the wind mills. Then we
saw the others. We had lunch and we went back to the school and it was a good
By Seamus

We went to the wind farm today. There are twenty one wind turbines that make energy to create electricity. We went into a windmill and it was very very tall. There was a man there called Michael talking about the windmills. Blasles is the name of the top of the windmills. The man brought us into the computer room. He pressed a lot of buttons and it showed how fast the windmills were going and the wind to and in which direction then when the windmills went off again we stood against a steel pole and we felt a lot of air.
By Orla
On the 22nd of November all our school went
Ballacorick to see the wind turbines at the wind farm. We arrived there at about 10:45. First Michael told us how long the turbines were standing. They were standing for twenty years. Then they put us in to groups. When they finished that they put half of us in the office and half in the windmill. We went in to the office
Michael showed how to use the computer. He told us that the computer showed thatNo 7 trubine was broken and they would have to repair it. Each wind turbine has two power boxes: one to tell you how fast the wind was going and the other to tell the power. Then he showed us how to stop the turbine going around and how to let the brake off again. It was great fun there and I hope we go there again.
By Niall

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