Obair Bhaile ar Torthaí beachta~ Homework on Minibeasts


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Ar dtús, féach ar na físeanna thuas.
Ansin, tá ort do torthaí beachta féin a fháil, iad a aithint agus a ainmniú mar obair bhaile.

Now, for homework, see if you can locate your own minibeast. There are some good instructions here for catching your minibeast. BBC Wales – Wild About Nature – Make a minibeast trap. Remember to be careful and not to injure your minibeast. Use your key to help you identify your minibeast. Then return it back to its environment as soon as you can.

Obair bhaile do 15 Feabhra.

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4 thoughts on “Obair Bhaile ar Torthaí beachta~ Homework on Minibeasts

  1. I had great fun yesturday. The bug I caught was a woodlouse.We used a minibeast key to find what type our minibeast was.It was small and pinky brown. It was fun but I would not like to be a scientist when I grow up.

  2. Yesterday for homework we had to make a mini beast trap. When we got home I did my homework and then went outside and this how I made it. I got a trowel, dug a little hole and put an empty can in it. Then I put stones around the top of the can and then put a plate (make sure its an old plate) so water would not get in to the trap. The next night the teacher gave us a key to see which bug we have got in our trap. I got three slugs and a spider I was really happy about that.

  3. Last night I identified my minibeast with a magnifing glass and then I found out that my minibeast was a worm. Then I took the key just to make sure it was a worm and I was right. I hope we do more things like this. Yesterday at school we were also looking for minibeasts. We went down to our garden looking for them. We all had partners and one of them had to suck through a tube to catch the minibeast. My partner was Ava. We were trying to catch the minibeast but we couldn`t.

  4. Yesterday my friends and I went looking for our minibeast in our school garden. Ailish and I were partners. We had this bug but we lost it. It fell somewhere and we could not find it. So we had to look for anther bug but we could not find one. I thought that a small stone was a bug so I picked it up but it was not a bug!

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