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Football Blitz


On Thursday 1st March the Inver National School boys Gaelic team took

part in a gaelic blitz in Tallagh. Our first game was against Ceathrú

Thaidgh. It was a brilliant game with the scores ending up 2-3 to both teams.

Everyone tried their best and did not give up! We were delighted with this result. Our second game was against Glencastle. Again everyone played together as a team and we beat them 6-3 to 1-0. We ended up having to play Ceathrú Thaidgh again and unfortunately they beat us this time.

We were delighted with the way we played on the day and celebrated by having a nice splash around in the pool afterwards!

Our girls gaelic team also did us proud today when they took part in the blitz. Our first game was against Bangor, a very tough team. We tried our best but unfortunately they had the beating of us, 4-2 to 1-2.

We shook their hands after the game.

Our second game was against Belmullet. It was a tight game all the way and it ended up finishing with a draw, 1-2 to both teams. Again we shook hands with the other team and left the pitch feeling very pleased with ourselves. Everyone gave it their best shot and a fun day was had by all. We are so proud of both teams!!!!


Both the boys team and the girls team played very well in their games.


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“Football Blitz”

  1. March 5th, 2012 at 2:37 pm       Eoin Says:

    I really enjoyed the football blitz. Our first game was against Ceathru Thaidgh. I scored 2 points. The first point I scored from the half way line. I was in backs in every game. It was a draw. The score was 2:3 to 2:3. Our second match was against Glencastle and we won. I scored 1 point. The score was 6:3 to 1 goal. Then Glencastle played Ceathru Thaidg, Ceathru Thaidg won. Then we played Ceathru Thaidg again unfortunatly we lost. That was our last game. After that we went down to the changing room and got changed. Then we went to the swimming. I was tired. After that we went back to school. And then went home. I had a lovely fry when I went home. It was lovely. I had karate too that night. I was really tired when karate was finished.

  2. March 7th, 2012 at 8:48 pm       sean Says:

    I relay enjoyed the football blitz even though I wasn’t playing because I am overage but I didn’t mind. Still the team played very well and tried their best and they did and worked very hard on top of that. But still they drew their first match and won the other. Then at the end, they played again but unforately they lost. It was no harm it was only a bit of craic. 🙂


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