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The football blitz


Inver NS went to the Gaelic football blitz in the new GAA pitch in Belmullet. The boys went on Thursday and the girls went on Friday. The boys drew one game, won a game and lost a game. They did very well. The girls lost a game and drew a game. We did very well. The girls played Bangor first. Then we played agenst Belmullet. The goalie was Shannon and Leah. The boys played Ceathru Thaigh first and then Glencastle. Their goalie was Caolan. The boys and girls are playing Ceathruthaigh on Wednesday the 7-3-12 in the Killcommon pitch in GlenamoY. We’re geting a big bus to Glenamoy. It’s €3 for the bus.

By Ava and Shannon

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