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Learning Circle


Over the last few weeks we have begun a project called Learning Circles project. The project is about sending packages to schools about our country. The schools we are sending the packages to are: New Brunswick in Canada, Seattle in Washington, Katmandu in Nepal, Teaneck in New Jersey, Tartastan in Russia. The first package we sent was a survey about our school and we sent it to each school we are doing are Learning Circles with.The second package we sent included Irish things that the other schools dont have in their country. There was a clod of turf,Irish sweets,an Irish traditional music CD,a page explainging what turf is and leaflets about our area. We are really enjoying our Learning Circles project and I hope we learn a lot from it.

By Eoin

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“Learning Circle”

  1. March 21st, 2012 at 8:39 pm       Barbara Says:

    Great idea.
    Well done and good job Eoin.

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