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Our trip to the Beach


Our trip to the beach
In the morning Conor showed us photographs of creatures .He brought us to the beach. We looked under seaweed. We looked on the rocks and we saw limpets.
Conor found three crabs. We saw spaghetti marks on the sand. Lugworms made the marks. We fed the mussels to a sea enemy. We saw bladder weed, egg weed and gut weed. We found limpets shells and whelk shells. We heard a starlet and seagull. When we came back Conor told us about whales and dolphins. We looked at whales bones and dolphins bones. We looked at whales bones and dolphins bones. He showed us a sperm whales tooth, a dolphins skull and a piranha. I liked the piranha. It was really fun. We had a good time.
By Kian & Róisín

Our trip to the beach

In the morning Conor came into our classroom. He showed us some sea creatures on the board. When he was finished, we went down to the shore and we collected some shells. We found barnacle shells, mussels, limpets and two scallops. Conor found a crab and when he gave it to John it climbed up his hand. After that we fed the sea enemy. Then we went back to the school. When we got back to the school everybody was really hungry. After we ate something and went outside we came in and Conor came in to talk to us. He told us about all the whales and dolphins in Ireland. He showed us a real piece of a whale’s spine, a dolphin’s skull, a real sperm whales tooth and a special shell from Australia. It was really fun.

By Rosaleen and Sophie

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