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Our trip to the beach


On Wednesday 21st March 2012
My classroom went to the beach with a Marine Biologist called Conor Ryan and our teacher Ms Connolly.

My favourite finds were
1. Mermaids purse: Dogfish lay these eggs. They are rectangular in shape with a string coming out of each side. They use these strings to wrap themselves around the seaweed (wrack). After a few weeks, baby dogfish pop out of the purse.
2. Limpet: When they are born, the are all male. After some months some turn into females. You will find them stuck to the rocks. If you kick them more than once, you will damage them and they won’t be able to stick back to their own rock. You must put them back on the same spot from where you took them off.
3.Bladder wrack is seaweed with small bubbles that you can burst. It must not be mistaken with serrated wrack which has large bubbles that you can not burst. The bladder wrack has slimy stuff at the top which people use to have seaweed baths.

This are just some of the things which we saw on our trip to the beach.I enjoyed this trip and found it very interesting. I am looking forward to tomorow because it is our next trip .

THE END by Leah
Young Marine Biologists

An portán

The crab in attack mode

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