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Cycle safety


On the 19th of April a man called Jerry came to the school to start our programme in bike safety.The programme is been run by the Mayo County Council and the R.S.A.

First Jerry taught us how to do a bike check.A bike check is when you check to see if the wheels are tight,the handle bars are tight ,the saddle is at your right height and the brakes are working.Also it is important to check to see if your helmet is fitted properly.

After checking our bikes and helmets we moved onto learning safety skills.Jerry placed two lines of cones and then you had to cycle straight in between the lines of cones.THis was to teach us to cycle straight when a car is passing you.Then Jerry taught us to cycle in and around the cones,this was to teach us about our balance.Finally we had a slow race,who ever touched the ground with their feet was out of the game.I won that game.

I had a lovely day with Jerry and can’t wait till the next session.

By Eoin

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