The Thing

This morning when I came into school there was a fat blob that looked like an alien sitting in class. He was very shy, I asked him his name and he said it was “Shawacka Laka Boom Boom and I come from Timbuktu’. When class started, the blob sat down next to Seamus and the minute Seamus saw him he went red with laughter. The blob was a bit of a nutter because when the teacher walked in he ran out to the yard singing “I love fish sticks!” We calmed him down and when we did we asked him how old he was. After a while he did tell us how old he was “I’m 50,000,000 years young!” he said.
At breaktime the blob went round making rude noises in people’s faces. And then after awhile he went into the school and kicked the staffroom door down, he ate all the biscuits and drank all the tea.

After that the teacher threw him out and he never came back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The End by Caolan

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One thought on “The Thing

  1. I think we should really let people know that we were playing with an augmented reality app called String! We don’t really have monsters walking around our clasroom!

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