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Special Seniors Day & Green Flag Raising


Our Special Seniors day and the raising of the Green flag

On Friday morning we had our Special Seniors day and the raising of the Green flag. Some of us asked a Special Senior to come in to the school for the day. Tommy, Eve’s Grandad brought in some old artefacts that they used long ago. He had old lanterns, an old pram, a record player, a churn and lots of others. We listened to a record. It was good fun. Bernie came in to make some boxty. It was nice. We wrote things about our Special Seniors and read it out to the whole school on the day. We played the tin whistles. Third, fourth, fifth and sixth played the base guitar, tin whistles and the melodicas. They played the Sally Gardens, Tell me ma and The star of the county down. It was great. Tom McHale and Eugene sang a song for us. We raised the Green Flag after lunch. The weather was very bad. We had a mass after that. We played bells and sang songs. We all had treats afterwards. It was a great day.

By Sophie and Rosaleen

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