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Estimates and measuring for Maths week


On Wednesday 17/10/2012 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th were estimating and measuring things inside and outside the school. We were estimating our copies and then measuring them. These are all the things we estimated and measured in school: First we estimated the width of keyboard on the Mac. When we estimated that, we went outside the school to measure the gate of the school. After that, the last thing we measured was the pillar of the wall. Then we came in and dicussed the answers. I got some of the measuring right and so did Leanne.
Tomorrow we will be making Lemonade in school. It will be fun. We measured how many cups, we need how many lemons and oranges we need and we had to measure how much water we need. Our teacher is making the syrup. She will bring it in to the school. We can’t wait to taste it and I hope it will be nice

By Orla and Leanne

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