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Science experiments: How strong is an eggshell?


Science week
On the 16-11-2012 we had a science day. Everyone in the senior room had to do a experiment for the small ones. My team was: Padraig, Ava, Rosaleen and myself Leanne.
1. First we broke four eggs in half.
2. After that we put the empty shells on some paper. We used paper measures to check how far apart each one was.
3. We had to guess how many books the egg shells would hold.
4. Padraig asked some small one up to place the books on the shells carefully.
At the end the eggs held 16 big books! They cracked because the books were too heavy in the end.
The small one laughed when the eggs cracked eventually .
It was the best science week ever!!!
By Leanne

How strong is a egg shell?
On Friday my team did an experiment on how strong is an egg shell.

First of all Padraig and Ava cracked the egg shells .Then I put half of the egg shells on a piece of paper.

Myself and Leanne put the books on on top of the egg shells to see how strong they were.

The junior class put some of the books on the eggs. They enjoyed doing that and so did our class.

We managed to put 16 books on the shells before they cracked. I think the egg shells were very strong!
By Rosaleen

How strong is an egg shell? from SN an Inbhir on Vimeo.

Science week
On Friday we presented our experiments to our younger students. Everybody had an experiment to do.

My experiment was “How strong is an egg shell?” There were four in my group Leanne, Padraig, Rosaleen and me. We put books on the shells and counted how many went on to see how strong the shells were.

Our teacher told us we were really good. I thought it went good too.

I felt really proud of myself and my group.

I had lots of fun. I hope we do it again

By Ava

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5 Comments to

“Science experiments: How strong is an eggshell?”

  1. November 27th, 2012 at 8:41 pm       reihanag Says:

    Hi there,
    That would be an awesome! and entertaining experiment.
    Are you doing anymore experiments this year or term.
    from Reihana
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  2. November 27th, 2012 at 8:42 pm       alyssaharrison Says:

    That is awesome that the egg shells could hold 16 books!
    Was it hard balincing the books on top of the egg shells?
    I thought that egg shells weren’t that strong!
    bye, from Alyssa

  3. November 27th, 2012 at 8:47 pm       Jordyn Says:

    Hi, I didn’t know eggshells were so strong. Science is real cool but we don’t do the exploding science. We learn about the water cycle,heart and brain only with Mr Sutherland. Lately we have had a volcano eruption and scientist had to test the water around the volcano to make sure they knew it was gonna erupt. The volcano did erupt. Are there any other cool science projects/experiments you have done.

    See you later.
    From Jordyn

  4. November 28th, 2012 at 8:12 pm       cody Says:

    That Must Of been fun, I wish i could have done that.
    I going to try that at home and see how many books i can put on the egg shell.
    I don’t think it will hold as much.
    Thanks Cody

  5. November 28th, 2012 at 8:14 pm       amy2691 Says:

    Hi wow egg shells are that are lucky you get to do science.How many times a week do you do science?Do you like it? Is it a good subject to start in our class?

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