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Science weekOn Friday 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class had to do a science experiment. We were split into teams.
Sophie, Coalan and Seamus were on my team.

The experiment I was doing was the volcano.
We put vinegar and baking soda then it exploded.
When you mix an acid with a base, it causes an explosion.

I felt happy that it went well.
I hope we do it again.
By Shannon

Science Week
For science week my team Caolan, Shannon and Seamus did a volcano. We enjoyed going to school for that reason.
We had to practise our readings and sometimes the volcano itself. When we did lots of practices it all added up to the big day when all the small ones came up to watch us.
First we added the baking soda and then the vinegar. As I put the finishing touch in, all the small ones were getting so excited. When Caolan put the vinegar in the whole thing erupted. All the small ones laughed with excitement. When everyone cleaned up they all said the enjoyed it especially the small ones.
By Sophie

The Volcano in our classroom from SN an Inbhir on Vimeo.

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