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Our Trip To St. Brendan’s


On the 5th of December, 5th and 6th went to St.Brendans for a soccer blitz. Doohama and Shraigh were there too.

First we got out into groups. Some of the people from St.Brendans were captains. We played Lorcan’s team first and we lost by a goal.

After that we played Padraig’s team. We beat them 1-0. Then we played Padraigs team again. We lost by a goal.

After that we had our lunch. I had chicken curry and chips. It was alright.

Then we went home. I had a good day and it was good craic!


On the 5th of December 5th and 6th class went into St. Brendan’s for a soccer blitz. The other schools there were Shraigh and Doohoma.

First when we got into the hall we had a kick about before the other schools came in. When they did come in we got on with the tournament.

I wasn’t playing first so we got to go up into the gym while we were waiting. Then my team and Lorcan’s team were playing in the final we won.

We went into the school then for lunch. It was a good day.

By Caolan.

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