Ballyglass Lifeboat Station

Lifeboat station

In the morning we left the school because we were going to the lifeboat station. I was very excited.
One of the crew talked about the boat and the how they train.
He dressed the teachers in their lifeboat gears. It was funny.
After we went outside and another man showed us the flare. First he showed us the smoke side and then the red light side. It was very bright. They showed us Fred the dummy. They use him for training. He was very heavy.
The teacher took lots of photos.
Then it was time to go swimming. We really enjoyed the day. We had the craic!

By Liam.

On Thursday we went to the lifeboat station.
It took a long time for all my school to go to Ballyglass.
Finally we got there because I was so tired of waiting.
When I we got there I saw a lifeboat in the sea. It looked so cool.
One of the crew showed us his beeper. Everytime there is an emergency it beeps.
Then our teachers dressed up in the crew’s uniforms. It was so funny.!!
The people there had a practice dummy called Fred .
They loved practicing with him .I think he does not like being thrown into the water.
Fred is so heavy.
After that the crew men showed us a flare , one has orange smoke and the other one has a very bright light to help you if you were in trouble.
Then we saw a lifejacket with all the different equipment in it. There is a blowing tube and when you blow into i,t it blows up the lifejacket.
I had a fantastic day out with my school.
By Siobhan

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