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(: Going to see the waves :)


On Monday I went to see the waves down the Skippers Road.It was a windy, rainy and stormy day. I  went with Dad, Erin, Hayleigh and Rebecca. We sat in the car because it was really heavy rain and stormy. I could hear the rain crashing onto the window of the car. I could even feel the car shaking  because it was so windy. When is stopped raining  we got out of the car. Dad and Erin stayed in the car because it was to winey for Erin to get out of the car.

When we got out  we  could see the cliffs up close. It was  a bit scary because we were really near the cliffs.We took lots of pictures of the waves. They were massive waves! I couldn’t believe it. When we were taking pictures Rebecca’s hat blew over the cliffs ( Her new hat ha ha). I thought it was funny but she didn’t. Then we went to Glengad as well. There were big waves there too. I don’t know if they were bigger then the ones down the skippers road. I had lots of fun down there. I really hope we can go again sometime. I loved it 🙂 ! 🙂 ! 🙂 ! 🙂 ! 🙂 ! 🙂 ! 🙂 ! 🙂 ! 🙂 ! 🙂 🙂

By Ava

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“(: Going to see the waves :)”

  1. March 2nd, 2013 at 9:39 am       shauna Says:

    Cool picture of the waves Ava!

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