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Lá Spioradálta


Today I had an amazing day with Sister Patricia. We were all very excited and we were waiting for her all week so when she came we were extra excited. We did alot of cool stuff.

First we unscrambled the words that another school made and then we made an amazing jigsaw. It was so cool and we all put alot of work into it. It was bad when we all had to break it up. 🙁

After that we had an  auction. It was great I had €700 but I did not buy anything. Orla and Ava had lots of money they had over €1,000 they bought something.

After break when we came back into the middle room the blinds were closed, the lights wee off and we sat down one by one very gently. It was lovely we had a little bit of quiet time and in the end we said a lovely prayer.I had an amazing day and I know I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.


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