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Keeping active


The boys and girls who play football won a match today against Scoil bríde.We are very proud of them.
While they were gone my classroom went outside and played lots of activites at break.
We are trying so hard to get our active flag. We play games like dogeball, football,lions den(tag) and we also play skipping.
Our favourite game to play is hom pom. There is alot of running in the game.

Yesterday Eve Deane ran a full mile in Dublin. Her sister Lucy also ran the full mile.Today they came in and we took a picture of there medals . The run was called the great Ireland run. They were very happy after the run.
We got some new equipment last week. This is equipment for individual or team games.
We all like the equipment and we are looking forward to playing with it another day.
I keep active as well. I go to training on Sundays.I love going to trainings on Sunday. But last Sunday I did not go because it was lashing rain.

Siobhán Ní Chonbhaigh

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