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Saving water


Today the 22nd of April, Laura, from Green Schools came to our school. First she talked to the green schools committee in the spare room

After they talked she went into the small children until break. After break she came up to us 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. First Laura showed us a PowerPoint on the laptop. It was about water evaporation, waste and where we get our water. It was interesting. It was about the water cycle.

After that we watched a video about animals abroad. It showed us why we should not throw rubbish in the sea. If the animals will eat the rubbish and die soon. It was sad to watch.

Then we made cleaning soaps. We made cleaning stuff for the windows and tables. Then we washed the tables and windows. After we did it you could really see a shine. Finally we made a hand scrub. It was really lumpy on your hands but when you wash it off, your hands are really smooth.

I really enjoyed the. I can’t wait till the next time!!!


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