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Water conservation on World Earth Day


Today Laura came in to talk about water with us. Laura works for Green Schools, so she knows lots of things about water and energy.

First she brought she brought the water team into the middle room to have a meeting. Caolan, Leanne, Niall, Amy & I are one the team. We talked about how we save water. I took the notes. We talked for a while then we went back into the classroom.

Then we went over the water cycle again. After that we made a few things. 3rd and 4th made window cleaners. 5th and 6th made multi- purpose spray. I don’t know if the spray good because we were in the office cleaning the window, but 5th and 6th washed the tables and they were clean enough. Then we all made hand scrub, it felt awful but when you wash it off your hands smell lovely and feel so soft.

I really enjoyed my day. I wish Laura would come everyday. And let’s hope my mom use our cleaners tonight!!!


Today Laura came into our school. She talks to us about water. Laura came in twice a few months ago. We have lots of fun with her.

Firstly we talked about water. She was showing us a slide show of many things like the Water Cycle, Rivers and Water Poulletion. Plastic is bad for water as is Oil and dumping things. She also showed us that there is grass in the water and is not good.

A few minutes later we watched a video it was kind of sad it was called ‘Midway’. Its about an Island in the Pacific Ocean, Its where all the rubbish goes. All the birds were eating the plastic making them sick.

After that we made some things. 5th and 6th made All Purpose Spray Cleaner. We got a bottle and put baking soda, Oil, Liquid and warm water. Then we shook it and tested it. It was really good. After that we made Honey and Lemon hand scrub. It was made out of out of Sugar, Salt, Oil, Lemon and a scent of Lemon. Laura mixed it together and we put it on. Then we washed it and dried it. My hands were really clean and smooth.

I had a really fun day with Laura and i hope she comes back.

By Alison

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