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Active Schools Week 13 to 17 May 2013


This week is Active Schools Week. Active Schools Week is where we play games all week. The games that we have played so far are football, rounders, circuits and we are playing basketball today.
There are lots more fun games that we have to play yet.
A few days ago we got a exersice bike and we are trying to get to Dublin. I cant wait for the next game and I hope my team gets to the final.

By Shannon

Active Schools Week is one week where we do lots of games to keep active, and loads of activities.

We do lots of different things each day like soccer, rounders,circuits and basketball.

The benefits of Active Schools Week are being fit and active. Also we are trying to get our 2nd active flag. I am on the Active Schools Team.

I am really looking foward to the rest of the week. I love being active and healthy.

Active schools week is about being active. Today we did circuits and it was cool.

We played soccer and rounders yesterday and we played circuits and basketball today.

It is important to keep fit so you can have a healthy heart.

I also try to eat fruit instead of sweets and that would be another benefit to my health.

I love active week cant wait for next year when we do it I wonder what we will do next year. 🙂 :):)
By Orla

Active Schools week is a week full of activities. We have lots of fun playing games.
On Monday we had a soccer blitz and a game of rounders. We lost the soccer. The score was 4-3 to Eoin’s team. The rounders was great! Nobody won becuase it was just for fun.

Today we played circuits. It was very good,there was weights, hula hoops, yoga matsand lots of other things.My favourite was the balance board.

We also played basketball today I was on team A. Ava, Caolan, Erin, Siobhan, Danny and I were on my team.

Tomorrow there is Unihoc and Orieteering I love Unihoc. It’s awesome! And orienteering is good but I can’t remember what to do in it.

Active schools week is important because it keeps you fit and healthy.

Is maith liom Seachtaine Scoile Gníomhaí mar bíonn an spóirt agam.
Slán 😉

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