Amazing Experiments from Science Ireland

Declan from Science Ireland

On Tuesday Declan From Science Ireland came to our school.He did lots experiments with
us.I liked the rocket experiment because it hit the roof.

Ailish,Patrick,Alison ,Lorcon, Hannah and lots more went up for the experiment.

Grace and Eoin went up for the balloon race. The first balloon to get to the corner of the
room wins.I really enjoyed that too.

There were lots more experiments he did. I liked that all.

I had a great day and I hope he comes again.

The End. By Ava




Science Ireland

Last Tuesday a man named Declan came into our school.He is from Science Ireland.He did lots of science with us.The first thing he did was,he had a hairdryer and a ping pong ball. When he put the hairdryer under the ping pong ball the ping pong ball it flyed.

Then he had he had a pill and water.He put water in a container and then he put the pill in, he closed the top and ran away. The top poped off.It was so funny.

He did lots more stuff.It was so cool.I wish he can come again soon.

The end
By Shauna

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