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The Twite


The Twite in Inver National School

The Twite

On Thursday last week a man called Derek McLoughlin came to our school to talk to us about a bird called “The Twite”. The Twite is a very small bird that nests in heather.

Derek told us about the Twite and about its habitat. It feeds on small seeds from flowers and plants. The Twite is a lot like other birds so you might get easily mixed up.

Derek showed us a clip about the Twite. It showed us that the Twite only lives in the coast of Mayo and Donegal.

At the very end of the day Derek put down some seeds in our garden so the Twite will come to our school some-time later this year.

I was very interested in learning more about the Twite. It was a great day.

The End
By Amy


Derek Mc Loughlin

On Thursday last the 13th of June Derek Mc Loughlin came to our school to talk about the Twite bird. A few pupils from Glenamoy National School came as well to watch.

First he showed us a PowerPoint on the Twites. It was really interesting. He showed us the difference between the Linet, the Red Pole and the Twite. It was really good.

After that he brought us outside to plant some seeds for the Twite to come and feed on it. Then we went to look at the different type of flowers.

Then we watched a short clip on the Twites . I really enjoyed the day and learned a lot.

By Eoin

Last Thursday a man called Derek McLoughlin came to our school to talk about a bird called a ‘Twite’.

Glenamoy school came too because they were learning about the Twite too like us.We learned many new things about the Twite. We learned what seeds it eats, where it makes its nests and how many breeding pairs there are in Ireland.

First when he came into the classroom he showed us a slideshow on the whiteboard . He named out many different types of birds like the Red Pole, the Linnet and the Twite. We then had a game of spot the difference between the different birds.

After that we went outside down to the garden where we plant all the seeds. He had these special seeds that he sprinkled on the soil and then covered them over with soil.There the seeds that the Twite will eat. I hope.

We then walked down to the back gate in the field to look for different flowers. I saw different flowers that I’ve never seen before or even heard of. After we saw all the different flowers we walked back into the classroom to go back over all the stuff we had seen.

I really enjoyed learning and listening to Derek today because now I know more stuff about the Twite then I did before. I hope he comes back again next year.
The End

By Leanne

Last Thursday Derek Mcloughlin the ornithologist came to our school to tell us about the ‘Twite’.

We had a tiny bit known already but he taught us a lot more. First he showed us a slide show. It was really interesting.

Glenamoy school came as well because they are planting seeds to. But they are doing it themselves, Derek did it for us.

He showed us different sorts of birds. They were called the Red Pole and the Finch. The Red Pole is called that because his forehead has a red patch on his head.

He then brought us outside. We all watched him plant the seed for the Twite.

We went around the playing field looking for plants that other birds feed on. We had to go inside at two o’ clock because the younger students had to go home.

We watched a video clip when we went inside. It was really interesting.

I really enjoyed learning about the Twite and I hope I see them in our garden in a few months.
By Niall

On Thursday the 13th of June a man called Derek mcgloughlin came to our school to to talk about the Twite. Gleanmoy national school also came. The twite is a bird.

First we talked about the Twite and some of his cousins like the Red Pole and the Linnet. Then we played a game of spot the difference.
Later then we went outside to sprinkle some seeds on the ground and covered them with soil. The seed we planted were the Twites favourite seed to try and get them to come our school.
Then we went outside the gate and picked some flowers then we went inside to talk about them.
Next we went back inside and watched a short film clip it was really interesting.
I really enjoyed the day and it was really educational.
By Erin


On Thursday a man called Derek McLoughin came to our school to talk about the twite. Some of the kids in Glenamoy school came to listen to him speak about the twite.

He showed us a few different pictures of twites. Then we went outside and planted some seeds so that the twite would come and visit us. Then we went to look at some plants and flowers outside.

Then we went in side and we watched a little film about the twite. I really enjoyed the day.

By Padraig

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