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The best day of the summer holidays


My favourite day of the summer holidays

 The best day of the summer holidays was the 15th of August.

Me, my Dad, Kaydean and Leanne had a stall in town. We were cooking mackerel and spuds. Everyone had to wear aprons and gloves. Me and Leanne were not doing the mackerel and spuds because we were to young. We were doing the drinks and helping out at the back.

When my mum arrived I came out of the stall. We went for a look around.There were lots of different things to see like animals, chains, bracelets and lots of different things. I got a One Direction bracelet.

Then when I came back from my walk around. I went back to the stall to get some mackerel and spuds. They were delicious!

When my friends arrived we went down to the fun fair   It was fun. First I went on the rave dancer 5 or 6 times. Then I went on the aviator 6 times.

It was a really good day I can’t wait for next year!!!

By Sophie









My favourite day

The best day of the summer holidays was when me my mom my brother and sister went to the heritage day.

First we went around the town there were people selling mackerel and spud.

When we were walking down the town we saw a juggler. We watched him for a while and he was very funny.

Later on we went down to the docks. All my friends were down there and I went on the aviator four times. It was very very fun.

We really enjoyed it.

By Róisín












My favourite day of the summer holidays

On the 24th of August I went to Dublin with my cousin, my aunty and my uncle . We arrived at half past five. We were up to see the Mayo match.


We stayed in a hotel called City West Hotel. Our bedroom number was 3576. It was a very beautiful hotel. We got our breakfast free because we had breakfast vouchers, I think.

The next day we put our Mayo clothes on and ate our breakfast. We got a taxi to Croke Park. The taxi man dropped us off far away from it but we walked. I loved the match.

The next morning we got up and put our clothes away. Then we went home.

It was a great holiday and I would love to do it again.

By Shauna





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