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The best days of the summer holidays


My favourite day

On the 25 of August me and my family went to Dublin to see Mayo play in Croke Park. It was my first time in Croke Park.

Croke Park is a very big stadium. We left Mayo on Saturday morning at 7.00am. We stopped for some food in a deli on the way then we left to go to Dublin. We were there at a 11.00.

We stayed in the Croke Park Hotel. It is very fancy and I loved it. After a while we went for some food in the hotel. It is so nice!  Then we went back up to our hotel room.

In the morning I got up at 5.00am because I was so excited and I woke everybody up! We went for a walk.

At 1.00pm we were outside Croke Park and we went inside to go to the minor match. I could not wait for the senior match Mayo won the match we are now in the final.

I had a good day. I was so exhausted I fell asleep in the car all the way down. It was a long drive but I enjoyed myself.😄
By Orla
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My favourite day of the holidays!

My favourite day of the holiday was when we moved houses. I was really excited, but we still had a few jobs to do . All my family was excited. Our house is in Gorthbrack. I now have lots of friends around me.

For the first few nights I had to sleep on a mattress because I had no bed because it hadn’t been delivered at the time, but my mattress was comfy. But now I have my bed. It’s white leather and its a double bed, I love it. My bedroom is pink, my curtains are white and I have a walk in wardrobe with all my clothes in it.
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Our house is a two storey house.
Caolan’s, Liam’s, Roisin’s, and my bedroom are all upstairs and mom and dad’s bedroom is downstairs. It’s weird having to go up and down the stairs.
It’ s hard to get used to it.

Our garage is also two storey. Downstairs is for our bikes and petrol go kart and all that stuff and the upstairs is a gym and dad said he would put down a wood floor for my dancing.

I really enjoyed moving house. It took up most of the summer. We had to keep going from the old house to the new house. I felt like a yo yo.

By Ailish


My Favourite Day


The best day of my Summer holidays was when my mom, my sister and I went to Westport House on the 12th of July. It was scorching hot that day.


First of all we had to go to a little office/gift shop to pay for all the things we were going to do. The woman at the desk then stamped our wrists so we could get around the place and not have to pay anything else.


After that we went to the zorbing place. We had to walk up a big enough hill. We were a little nervous before we started because we thought something bad might happen. Then we started rolling down a hill! It was so much fun. I felt very dizzy when we came out.


Then we went on the zipwire which wasn’t very far. First we had to put on a harness. I as the first person to go on it. I was very nervous because I was never on a zipwire before, my sister was on one before so she wouldn’t be nervous. I got up on a if step. Then I just let go, it was so much fun! Me and my sister, Megan, had to walk up a MASSIVE hill to get up o the top. It was a blazing hot day so at the end my sister was just dragging me. We had to walk up the hill again because we paid for two go’s ! But it was all worth it because we had a lot of fun!


We had so much fun that day and there was so many things I didn’t mention. I hope I can go again sometime soon !


The End

By Amy

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My favourite day

The best day of the holiday was when we were up in Dublin .It was great fun. We stayed in the Radisson Blue Hotel.

Later in  the day we went to Dublin zoo with my mom and dad and brothers and sisters too.

After the zoo he got something to eat.

Before night came we went back to the hotel.

In the hotel we had a good look around . It was very fancy. Then we saw a wedding.

I had a great day. I would love to do it again.

By Liam


😄😃My favourite day😄😃


The best day of my holidays was when I went out on a boat trip. We went in June. Dad, Hayleigh and all of my cousins and I went on the boat trip to Iniskea Island.


We got up at 9.00am and got dressed and got ready. We left the house at 10.00am and got there at 10.20am and set off when everyone was here. The boat was bright red and was moored at Blacksod. I was really excited.

It was really shaky on the way out, I didn’t like it. We went fishing for 2 hours I caught 4 mackrel. The boat kept drifting so we headed off to Iniskea.


When we got near to the island the man turned off the boat because it was to shallow to go in to the pier. So we went in on a currach. We got off the boat and went to have a barbecue. My auntie brought mini barbecues. She brought lots of food as well. I had a chicken burger and it was lovely.

We explored the island, and there was lots of houses. We went over to the school because the man told us it was haunted,but it wasn’t.

After that we headed home. I had a great day and I hope we go again,I would really recommend it to anyone wishing to try a boat trip.

By Ava

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The Best Day of the Holidays

My favourite day of the holiday was in the middle of July, my aunties Nora and Noreen and my cousin Brendan, went to Ballina for two nights.


It was great fun. First we went to the Ballina Show. I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed looking at the sheep, cows and hens. Then went to the dog show. It was really cool.


Later we went to Enniscrone. We were driving for 20 mins but when we got there it was class. We were only there for a hour so all I was doing was going down the slide.


The next day we went to Wesport House. We paid our fare and then went into the house. It was full of old things.


We went to ‘ Pirate Falls’ we went straight on the rides. The first ride we went on was called the ‘Queen’ it would go over and back all the time but it was really fun. Then we went on ‘The Log’ I got soaked but it was worth it.


We then went to the zorbing and zipwire. Zorbing came first. We got strapped in and then we went down hill. It was amazing. Zipwire was next, first we went to get ready. There was only two people before us. But when we went on the line it was awesome. We walked up the hill and unstrapped ourselves.


We then went to our hotel and we got something to eat, and then went to our hotel room for the night.


That was the best day of my summer holidays.

By Niall

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