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Ár Laethanta Saoire – Our Summer Holidays


I went to the Blue Planet Aquarium .
I fed some fish.
I saw some piranhas.
I went to the cinema .
By Aoibhe

My Summer Holiday
Over the summer holiday I went to beach.
I played with my friends. Then I went swimming with my friends.
I played with my dog and I fed her.
I love helping my dad with work.
By Hannah

Over the summer I went to Tayto park and I went to visit my aunty.
My cousins came to visit and they climbed
Croagh patrick.When I got to the top of Croagh patrick there was
a church. I went to see Dulin and Kerry play. I went to the Gateway to
see my cousins and I went to see Mayo and London play too.
By Seán Antaine

On my summer holidays I went to Westport with my cousin Ashling . First we went to Teddybear Mountain and got clothes for our teddies. We stayed for 5 nights in Westport. It was fun because we were in a camp called buzz camp. After that I went to Dublin because I had to go to the airport to get to London ! When I got to Dublin a little while after I played with my cousin and her friend Megan. It was fun. Then I went to bed.At 5 o clock in the morning I went to the airport.I was freezing. It was the day of my birthday. When I got to the airport I got to eat breakfast , it was delicious . I ate a fry.
Finally we got on the plane. We were in London in a short time. My dad collected me at the airport.I got to my cousins house in a half an hour. I played with my cousins for a long time.
My mum and my cousins had a party for me because it was my birthday. The next day I went to Willow Farm Park. It was fun. After I went shopping. I got lots of sweets and clothes. The next day I went to Lego land. I got my drivers license and went to duplo valley
Legoland . It was great fun! When my holiday was over I was a bit sad because I liked it in London but I wanted to see my dog Patch. By Siobhan.

I went to gateway on my summer holidays .
I played with my friends .
I went to my Grannies on my summer holidays .
I picked flowers with her.
My cousin came to my house.
By Eve.

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