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Green Schools – Flag No 3


We are into our 2nd year of work on the Theme of Water. Last year we did a lot of water based activities. We carried out a water survey and a water audit. It has made us more aware of the importance of saving water in our school and in our homes. We had a water code competition last year too which was won by Amy and Alison. The whole school say the rap together every now and then. This year we are hoping to keep up our good work. We are continuing to read the water metre and we also make sure that there aren’t any leaking taps around the school. We also hope to take a trip to the Water treatment plant in Carrowmore to find out all about what happens water before it comes from our tap. We cannot wait! In the mean time, we hope you do your bit at home to help make a difference. Keep an eye out on our blog or in the parish bulletin for any updates!
The Green Team Committee

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