Amy’s Scary Story

ghost-cartoon10One Halloween not so long ago, two best friends called Jenna and Ally went out trick or treating. Before that Jenna went over to Ally’s house so they could get dressed up in their terrifying costumes together. Soon they set out, with two big empty buckets ready to collect sweets.

They went to many houses and collected lots of sweets. “I think we’ve almost done every house in the village” said Ally. “Everyone exept that big dark mansion” said Jenna. “Lets go there next” said the two girls at the same time. Suddenly they bumped into Amanda, Jenna’s 14 year old cousin. “What are you doing here Amanda?” said Jenna curiously, “You’re too old to be trick or treating”. Amanda saw the two girls glancing at the big mansion. “First of all no I’m not trick or treating and second of all you guys aren’t actully going up there, are you? said Amanda in shock. “Yes we are” said Ally. “Well you better watch out! That place is haunted!” Amanda replied. “What do you mean haunted?” asked Jenna worrying. “Spooky things happen there” said Amanda as she walked off. “Come on Jenna, we’re not afraid of anything!” said Ally and off they went.

Soon enough they were at the house door and knocked on it. They heard a whimpering voice say ” Hello dears, come inside”. They weren’t scared so they stepped in and the door closed behind with a big bang. Now they were a little creeped out but not enough to keep them from getting their sweets. They went into the sittingroom to see if anyone was in there, but no-one was. They wanted to get out because the room was very freaky, it had old sofas, an old cable T.V. and the creepiest thing of all was the room’s only light was about twenty candles on lots of tables. Suddenly, all of them seemed to go out one by one and no-one was in the room but them.

They started running down a long dark hallway that went to the end of the house and although they heard lots of deep moaning sounds behind them they kept on running. Luckily they found a room to hide in but there weren’t any hiding spots, it was nearly an empty room! All the monsters started to corner them in and one particular monster started closing in on them but it said ” Why did you avoid my warning?” and peeled off its face revealing the true identity of the monster who was actully Amanda! All the others peeled off their faces too revealing them all to be Amanda’s friends! ” I just wanted to prove to you that sometimes you should believe what I tell you” said Amanda.”I’ll take you to home now, alright?”

The two girls too horrorstricken to say anything, just nodded and walked away and from that day on they always believed what Amanda told them.

The End
By Amy

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