Our day of Action – Visit to Local Water Treatment Plant

Yesterday we went to the Erris regional water Supply scheme where the Carramore lake is. We found out lots of things. They drain all the bugs, sand and dirt from the water so it is ok to drink. We found out that there is 5000 Acres of water in Carramore lake. We saw the 4 tanks that clean out the water. The 1st tank is for the raw water. That is straight from the lake. The 2nd tank is for the chemicals. The water floats to the top and the dirty lake water sinks to the bottom. The 3rd tank is for the clear water. The 4th tank is for checking the water is ok for drinking. We loved learning about what happens to water before we drink it.
Our school got pencil and badges. Lots of work goes on before water flows from our taps. We must all try to save water!
By Eve & Siobhán

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