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Visit to Erris Regional Water Supply Scheme


Our Trip To The Erris Water Supply Scheme


Today, the 14th of November, our school went to the Erris Water Supply Scheme. It was a lot of fun. At first a man called Michael, who works there, showed us around the bottom floor. He showed us a board that showed how the water from Carrowmore Lake got there through the pipes.


Then we went upstairs and he showed us the four stages of treating water. The first stage was raw water straight from Carrowmore Lake. The second stage was treating the water with chemicals, the water was cleaner but not technically clean. The third stage was the clean water we get in our taps and the fourth and final stage was clean water that had been left for a few days.


After that we went outside onto little platforms and walked over water being treated. It was very scary but luckily it was safe.


When we got back to the bottom floor we found out that in that building there were over 2,000 pipes! We also found out when we were outside that if any acid gets on your hands at all you have the wash them immeditiately.


Just before we left we got badges that said “SAVE WATER” and recycled pencils.Then we took a picture of all the school children outside.


I really enjoyed our visit! It was very interesting!


By Amy


The Erris Regional Water Supply Scheme


Yesterday we went to the ERWSS in Carrowmore. When we arrived we met a man called Michael he was really nice.The first thing he showed us was a really big map of Carramore lake and where it goes from there.


Next we went upstairs to where they clean out the water and where the water goes. We were the first ones to go outside. It was really cool outside there was lots of water one of the things looked like a jacuzzi. He told us all the steps the first thing is the raw water then they have to put lots of chemicals into it to get all the germs out of it and then it is ready to drink. He said it shall be in Healys shop in another hour or 2.


These days we use technology and so do the. If something goes wrong the get a message on their phones and if there’s something wrong with the graph the get a message as we’ll.


They have put a lot of effort into it they even have to work on Christmas Day so ‘DONT WASTE WATER’.

By Sophie



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