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More on our visit to ERWSS


Erris Regional Water Supply Scheme

Today all of our class went to Carrowmore lake. It was really good everyone had a great time.

When we got there a man called Michael showed us a big board that showed us how they got the water through the pipes and into the building. It was really cool.
When we were finished Michael brought us upstairs to see the dirty water with lots of germs in it change into lovely clean water. It was really cool. I liked watching that. While we were upstairs Michael gave us a pencil and a badge. He was really nice.
After that we went outside to look at a big machine that took all the germs out of the water and then they put some fluoride in to clean your teeth. Michael told us that some people think that there shouldn’t be any fluoride in it, but in 1995 all children’s teeth were more healthier and stronger than the water without fluoride.
I found out some facts like…..
There are over 2000 pipes in the building,
It was built in 1983 and was finished in 1985 and much much more.
I really enjoyed our school Trip it was great. Michael was really nice and I would love to go there again. By Lisa

Trip to Carrowmore

Today we went to the Erris Regional Water Supply Scheme. It was really interesting. A man called Michael was talking to us and showing us around. We saw how the water gets treated along the way. The first stage is the water straight from the lake Michael called that ‘raw water’. The second stage the water had been treated with chemicals. The third stage was clear water but Michael said there still could be bugs and things in it so he puts fluoride and chlorine in it to clean it out fully. The fourth stage it’s ready to drink and be sent off to shops and homes. Michael said that Healy’s in Barnatra are the first place to get the water.

When we went into the first room there was big blue pipes which the water flows through down to the treatment room. At the back of the room was two monitors. One of them said 0.054l and the other one said 0.063l, I think that measured how much water flows through the pipes and if anything goes wrong the monitor sends him a text message.

While we were upstairs we went outside. It was scary but we all held onto the railings so it wasn’t too bad. There was lots of different pools with the different stages of it being cleaned. There was the sand cleaner. The second pool was the water with chemicals in it. The next one was clean water and so on. Michael said the pools are up 3-4 meters high.
When we went back inside Michael showed us some graphs on his computers. It was quite cool. Then he gave us some pencils and badges. I really enjoyed my day and I wish we went sooner.

By Ailish

Water trip
Yesturday we went to the Erris Water Supply Scheme in Carrowmore. Micheal taught us a lot and when the water is cleaned out, the first place it goes is Barnatra.The lake covers 5,000 acers.The year before there were 75 burst pipes, but last year there were 35. This year they’re trying to cut it to less then 35. He showed us outside. There was lots of water. It was really cool! I really want to go again.

By Róisín

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