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Random Acts of Kindness for Advent


Photo 06-12-2013 13 25 51We have been doing random acts of kindness as part of our Advent preparation. We have been watching and noticing people doing acts of kindness for others. This is what we have recorded in our classroom so far:

Orla and Ava cleaned the table and wiped it down without being asked to.

Ava helped me look for my maths copy without being asked to.

Kian offered to hang up the prayers on the tree.

Lisa helped me collect the copies and

Grace offered  Orla a hand with the stapling.

Seamus helped me collect the copies.

Lisa offered to collect the equipment.

Ava helped to get Shannon up when she helped.

Ailish helped me when I tripped.

Sophie offered to help Rosaleen instead of Niall.

Sophie and Roisin offered to get the icepack for me.

Ailish and Orla helped me up when I fell.

Lisa helped Grace up when she fell over.

Amy helped me up when I fell. J

Grace Shannon & Shauna offered to help me staple the sheets together

Lisa helped me up when I fell

Ailish asked to help me when I was giving out the sheets J J J

Sophie and Roisin helped Shannon when she hurt her leg

Sophie helped me look for my braclet

Orla and Amy offered to bring out Ailish’s and Lisa’s ipads

Ailish offered to get my book. J

Amy offered to get my i-Pad.

Shannon got my i-Pad

Orla and lisa offered to help Ava give out the copies. J

Ava helped Shauna when she was stuck on the i-Pad

Shannon offered to bring in Orla and my i-Ppad. Thank you Shannon J J

Shannon offered to bring in my Ipad thx Shannon J

Ava offered to write down my homework thx Ava J

Ava offered to write down my homework too

Seamus offered to bring in my ipad

Liam brought in my i-pad without me asking

Ava and Rosaleen offered to clean up the mess on the floor

Orla offered to put my chair back. J J J

Lisa offered to put orla’s chair up.

Lisa offered to put up my chair thx lisa J

Lisa put my chair up Ava

Amy put my folder into my bag










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