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Gaelic football



My favourite hobby  is Gaelic football. I like Gaelic because it’s an Irish sport and it’s good fun playing it.

I play with Kilcommon too. I’ve only been there two years, and so far we have won 2 cups, 1 shield and 1 plaque. The shield was for winning national school competition  and the plaque was for the Knockmore blitz for U10’s.

When we won the National school shield it was class! We beat Bonniconlon. It was a brilliant game. It was good beating them but better lifting the shield! And the score was tight all the way through the match.

The plaque we won wasn’t as good. It was for coming 4th in the whole thing but it was better than nothing. But when we were going home we had no plaque… only our medals. The man in charge forgot to give us our plaque! When we were half-way home the man rang John Walker, our manager, to explain that he forgot to give us the plaque.

We were kind of annoyed that we didn’t get it there but we were happy to have won it. I picked this as my favourite hobby because I have played in all of these games and scored a few goals and points, and have won trophies with Kilcommon!

By Niall

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