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Tom Huddlestone
(Image from The Primary Planet, January 2014)

In this months ‘Primary Planet’ the article entitled ‘The end of the Huddlefro’ tells about Tom Huddlestone. He agreed not to cut his hair until he scored a goal in the Premier League. He didn’t cut his hair for two and a half years, until he scored against Fulham. He got his hair cut and raised nearly 50,000 for charity called Cancer Research. He plays for Hull City and when he was playing for them on Saturday last and his hair was really short! He had to wait for a week to get his hair cut because his barber was in London for the weekend. But he finally got it cut and he was happy to raise so much money for charity!


By Niall

image52 Weeks 52 Jobs

(Image from ‘The Primary Planet’, January 2014)
In this months ‘Primary Planet’ there is an interesting article called ’52 weeks 52 jobs’.

In it we learned about an English man, Matt Frost, who decided to take on the challenge of changing a job every week!

He did this for 52 weeks. It’s amazing and the best  part is all of Matt’s wages went to charity.

It was a very tough task to do. He stuck to the different jobs without taking no time off work at all. I probably wouldn’t be able to get a job every week.

This was a great thing of him to do. I would love to try it and see how I’d do.


By Lisa

Nelson Mandela

Last week I read a very interesting article about Nelson Mandela in ‘The Primary Planet’. Nelson Mandela was born on July 18th 1918. His first name was not in fact Nelson but Rolihlahla. He was given the name Nelson by a teacher because in those days all African children were given English names because they were easier for British colonials to pronounce. His father died when he was nine and he was taken in by the acting chief, Jongintaba Dalindyebo. Education was very important to Nelson Mandela and he attended Fort Hare University.

In 1956 Nelson Mandela and 155 others were arrested for treason. The trial for the case lasted over five years but Nelson Mandela was found “not guilty”. Nelson Mandela became the leader of a secret army called “Umkhonto” which fought against racism. In 1962 Nelson Mandela was accused of plotting to overthrow the government and he was sentenced to life in prison in 1964. Many people ordered that Nelson Mandela was released from prison and he was finally released from prison on 11th Febuary 1990.

Nelson Mandela became the first black president of South Africa in 1994 and all black people were allowed to vote for the first time. He wrote a book called “A Long Walk To Freedom”. He won a Nobel Peace Prize.

Nelson Mandela retired from president in 1999. He was married three times and had six children but only three of them are still alive now. Nelson Mandela will be remembered as “Father of a Nation”. Nelson Mandela died on the 5th of December 2013.
By Amy

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