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Trip to the Fire Station


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Last Thursday we went to the Fire Station in Belmullet. First we went into the main room where we saw some pictures of the fires and rescues. The man that showed us around was called Joe Murphy. He is has been there for 36 years. There are 10 men on the fire team.

First he showed us how to wear an oxygen tank on his back. Then he put on a special hood for health and safety reasons. Both of these things need to be worn when they are putting out fires.

Then he showed us the radios that the firemen use to communicate to each other. Next we went into the equipment room. There were 6 lockers.All there equipment was in there lockers. They have a radio on there helmets.

After that we went in to the garage were they keep the fire engines. There was a new one and a old one. Then he showed us all the gear on them. Out the back there was a fire jeep.

The last room he showed us was where they service the oxygen tanks and wear the special suits.

I had a great day!!!!!!!!!. 🙂

By Kian

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Today we went a all the school went to the fire station in Belmullet. When we went in to the station we looked at some pictures of fires. They looked dangerous. Then we asked some questions. They were good questions. Then the fireman put on the gear that they wear. It was heavy. Then we went out to the fire trucks. They were class🚒. Then we went in to a place were they fill the water. When I grow up I would like to be a fireman.🚒🚒

By Seamus
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