A visit from Nurse Evelyn

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On Friday, Evelyn the community nurse came to our school.
She told us all about her job. She works as a midwife and a nurse. She goes to people’s houses if they are sick.
If they are sick, she takes their blood pressure, and checks their pulse.She took Kian’s blood pressure just to show us how to do it. We all took notes. And at the end we asked each other questions about it.
She brought in a syringe, it’s used for measuring blood. The syringe starts from 0ml to 20ml. You need to know maths and science for this job. It’s really important.It was really interesting learning about how she uses maths and science in her life.
She also brought in a stethoscope, she went around the class, checking our heart beat. It was really cool.
It was really cool having Evelyn in to our school. And was really interesting learning how she uses maths and science in her life.
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