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How Nurse Evelyn uses science and maths in her work


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Today Evelyn the community nurse came to our school.
She told us all about her job. She works as a midwife and a nurse. She goes to people’s houses if they are sick.
If they are sick, she takes their blood pressure, and checks their pulse.She took Kian’s blood pressure just to show us how to do it. We all took notes. And at the end we asked each other questions about it.
She brought in a syringe, it’s used for measuring blood. The syringe starts from, 0ml to 20ml. You need to know maths and science for this job. It’s really important.It was really interesting learning about how she uses maths and science in her life.
She also brought in a stethoscope, she went around the class, checking our heart beat. It was really cool.
It was really cool having Evelyn in to our school. And was really interesting learning how she uses maths and science in her life.

By Niall

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Evelyn’s Visit
Last Friday a woman came to our school. Her name is Evelyn Doherty. She is a nurse and a midwife.
She is from the community. She came in to talk to us about how she uses science and maths everyday in her job. It was very interesting!

Evelyn looks after a lot of people, young and old. She brought in a syringe and a stethoscope everyone got a look at them. She told us about all the things she has done for her job. She also told us that most of the things she weighs are in kilos. She said that her most challenging job has to be being a midwife because you have to look after two people at once.

We were told to write down notes. Later on Kian got his blood pressure checked with a blood pressure monitor.
A little while before Evelyn left, we all got a chance to try out the stethoscope. It was really cool.

I really enjoyed Evelyn’s visit. It was very interesting!

💉 The End! 💉
👧 By Amy 👧

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Evelyn is a nurse and a midwife👩. She goes around to houses and helps all the people that are sick and need care. She also helps mothers when they are pregnant.

Evelyn also helps the mother after birth. Maths and Science are very very important in Evelyn’s job. She needs maths for weighing and measuring and she needs science for all the medications. She said that she would be lost without maths and science.

She told us about all about her job(s) and what she had to do. She said that you have to be a very good listener to be a nurse and a housewife.I think Evelyn’s job is great and I love how she helps so many people, I hope she will come to talk to us again.
By Lisa

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➕Maths and science.

Today Evelyn came to our school to talk about science and maths.She is a nurse/midwife😷As she spoke we all tookk down notes.📝Then she took my blood pressure👍.It was 90/50.Then she let us hear our heartbeat👍.All her equipment uses maths and science.➕✖️.

The End By Kian.

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